2007-2009. Design 4 Science Touring Exhibition.

Museum and winter Gardens, Sunderland. 18th September - 28th October 2007.

Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester. 10th November 2007 - 2nd January 2008.

Nobel Museum, Stockholm.
6th February 2008 - 31st August 2008.

Medical Museion, Copenhagen.
21st January 2009 - 12th April 2009.

Four glass sculptures from the 'Ordered Chaos' range are now part of an international touring exhibition called Design 4 Science in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust. The Design 4 Science exhibition highlights the work of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, which for the past 50 years has been at the heart of a revolution in scientific thinking. The exhibition showcases the works of highly-regarded contemporary UK designers who were challenged to communicate aspects of the MRC's work to a non-scientific audience, through media such as ceramic and glass design, animation, illustration, graphics, multimedia and textiles. Desiree's glass sculptures were engraved with images taken from microscopy, such as DNA and Radiolarian.